Available ensembles:

Don V. Lax is available to play solo violin for any occasion, in any style. His repertoire ranges from classical to rock, jazz and broadway, and beyond to world music. See songlist for more details.

Guitar - violin duo
Harp - violin duo
Cello - violin duo
Two violins
Violin and Viola

Guitar, violin and voice
Guitar, violin and viola, (or cello, violin, oboe or flute)
Harp, violin, cello
Cello, violin, viola (or violin, flute or oboe)
(any combination of three of above instruments is possible)

String Quartet (2 violins, viola and cello)
Violin, viola, cello and guitar
Violin, viola, cello and harp

Be Creative!
Suggest a combination – it's probably possible! These are all professional musicians who have played together in many combinations.

Contact Info:
Don V. Lax
PMB 503, PO Box 959
Kihei, HI, 96753


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