began playing violin at age five, while living in Karachi, Pakistan. His Rumanian father gave him his first lessons, until the family moved to Bombay, India, where a classically trained teacher was found. Continuing his studies, Lax attended music conservatories in Paris and Rome, culminating in 1975, when he decided to explore music beyond the classical realm.

Throughout Europe and Greece, he played in many settings—solo, and with various groups—performing every kind of music—from classical and gypsy to jazz, rock and popular folk melodies. Lax has also composed many original tunes, blending his Rumanian heritage, world influences and classical background.

Since moving to America, he has performed and recorded with numerous jazz, folk and rock musicians, and also with symphony, opera, ballet, and chamber groups. His credits include playing in orchestras for such luminaries as Ella Fitzgerald and Pavarotti, opening for Rickie Lee Jones, recording on CD's with Airto, Paul McCandless and Michael Manring, and many others.

Presently making his home on Maui, Hawai`i, he divides his time between performing, teaching, recording & swimming in the warm ocean. Among the groups with which he plays are- duos with guitarists Vance Koenig & Bo Shores; Gypsy band "Zingaro"; The Espresso Band with Tim O'Hara; Island Breeze with Marty Baum; Classical duos, trios and quartets, and the Haleakala Chamber Players.


Hurdy Gurdy
is the new and ancient instrument played by Don V. Lax.
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Contact Info:
Don V. Lax
PMB 503, PO Box 959
Kihei, HI, 96753


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